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pequena historia do delphi

What Happened to "Borland Delphi"? What is CodeGear? What is Embarcadero?

Question: What Happened to "Borland Delphi"? What is CodeGear? What is Embarcadero?

Take a quick look at the box where your Delphi installation CDs (DVDs) are. Does it say "Borland Delphi" or "CodeGear Delphi" or "Embarcadero Technologies Delphi"?

If your box states that Delphi is a product from Borland company or from CodeGear company you are probably holding an older version of Delphi in your hands!

If you are still searching the Internet for "Borland Delphi" related content or if you are still talking to your friends about your programming language as "Borland Delphi" ... if you are confused and you are asking yourself what happened to Delphi and Borland ... read on to find out.

Answer: Back in 1995, a company called Borland revived its version of Pascal when it introduced the rapid application development environment named Delphi - turning Pascal into a visual programming language.

11 years later, February 2006, at the time when Delphi was in version 11, Borland decided to seek out a buyer for their IDE product lines that include Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, JBuilder, InterBase, JDataStore, nDataStore, Kylix, and the older Borland products and tools.

Borland Delphi -> CodeGear Delphi

November 2006. Borland announced its decision to separate the Developer Tools Group into a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on maximizing developer productivity, named CodeGear.

CodeGear was a new company born of Borland - a company totally focused on developers, but operating as Borland's subsidiary. Creating two separate businesses should have allowed both CodeGear and Borland to be successful in two important, but very different markets.

CodeGear Delphi -> Embarcadero Technologies Delphi

May 2008. Embarcadero Technologies has signed a purchase agreement to purchase CodeGear from Borland. Embarcadero and CodeGear are expected to create the world’s largest, independent software provider of development and database tools.

Embarcadero, a privately-held company, delivers professional database tools that companies use to design, develop and manage databases. Products include: ER/Studio, DBArtisan, Rapid SQL and Change Manager.

With the acquisition of CodeGear, Embarcadero empowers software developers and database professionals with award-winning tools to design, build, optimize, and run software applications and databases across multiple platforms and programming languages.

The King (Borland Delphi) is dead, long live the King (CodeGear Delphi by Embarcadero Technologies)

Summary: Don't panic! Delphi is alive and kicking!

What happened with Borland? After the acquisition (and even before) Borland turned to application lifecycle management solutions.

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